Ruben Saucedo

Ruben Saucedo - Software Engineer

I am a curious mexican developing software and delivering amazing web applications!
I have been practicing piano for a while and I am a passionated traveler. My favorite place: Sardenia, Italy.
As a good mexican I like spicy, mariachi and tequila!

Spoiler alert!!! Here comes the boring part:
I have studied and been certificated in different countries [Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom],
Traveling around the world has helped me to be aware about the importance of always being learning.
My career path (Ok, is not in the website since. But, check my Linkedin)
has taught me to be passionated about software development, network protocols and network security.

Please, drop me a message if you want to contact me.
I am a cool software engineer and let me wow you!

Note: I have built this website in some hours! I will be updating it.
Please stay tune!
Thanks for visit my page! and I hope to meet you soon!

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