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Ruben Saucedo

Hi!, I am a cool Software Engineer looking for great adventures!... or maybe just let's get a coffee.

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Just some words about me

I am a curious mexican and great salsa dancer developing software and delivering amazing web applications!
I have been practicing piano for a while and I am a passionated traveler. My favorite place: Sardenia, Italy.
As a good mexican I like spicy, mariachi and tequila!

Spoiler alert!!! Here comes the boring part:
I have studied and been certificated in different countries [Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom],
Traveling around the world has helped me to be aware about the importance of always being learning.
My career path (Ok, is not in the website since. But, check my Linkedin)
has taught me to be passionated about software development, network protocols and network security.

Nevermind! As I have read: "You studied for 15 years but somewhere out there there's a nerdy teen who
learned Vue.js in 2 months on Udemy and made a Tinder for cats app that's making more money
than you're ever gonna make in your entire career"
So, just get some fun and be passionated about what you are doing!!!

My master tools



Software development | Full-stack

JavaScript has become a powerful programming language!!
And all the people likes power! I have mastered this programming language! And, made it my principal development tool. I won't tell you anything new about JS. For sure, you know that is perfect to build interactive websites and a must to learn in web development. So, if you are reading this and you don't know JavaScript, what are you wating for?

I leave you a useful link to get started! just in case you want to learn it.

JavaScript basics - Learn web development | MDN

React js

Software Development | Front-end

What can I said about react? Actually I felt in love with this JavaScript framework.
You know, it was like my summer love and suddenly turned into the love of my life.
Actually, 70% of my the projects I've worked at are using React and I can said thatis my #1 framework.

Let me surprise you with my React skills!

React official website!
Working at Cisco Systems
Node js

Node js

Software Development | Back-end

Oh my god! I hope you are not getting boring. What about Node js?
Node is a great tool for back-end and, the great thing, well not for all the engineers, is that allows you to write JavaScript on the server.
when I was learning Node js, I found the following words and I realized that tell a lot about node:
"Node uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient"
And well, is my principal tool to develop back-end requirements
I have use it with frameworks like: Express js, Hapi, etc.

Node js official website!

Network Engineering


Yes, I know that I've been just talking about software development.
But, in my background and also in my blood, I have strong knowledge in networks, and to be specific Network Security.
I have worked in Cisco Systems being part of the backbone troubleshooting team.

So, yup, also I know all that stuff about the OSI model, layers, routers.
And I have worked specially with firewalls, ASA, FTD, FMC and some other Cisco security devices

Me at Cisco

Is that all?

First, Thank you for reading until here!

And, nope. That is not all the tools and experience that I have.
I just wrote about some of the elements from my tech stack that I've been using.
And, actually I made this website in just one day using Gatsby and JavaScript. I promise to keep improving this website for a best user experience.

But I mean you are not expecting to know a person using his website, right?
Please, drop me a message if you want to contact me or visit my LinkedIn!

I am a cool software engineer and let me wow you!

Thanks! and I hope to meet you soon!

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